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Hypnotherapy for Addiction

Is your addiction affecting your work, social or personal life? Has it left you feeling desperate and / or hopeless? Whether you’re suffering from an addiction to gambling, sex, drugs or whatever else, hypnosis can help you regain control. I help people find a way out of the negative dependency. Hypnotherapy for addiction empowers you to end your addictive urges and make rational decisions.

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool and helps you to see things differently. You are not in control of your addiction and that needs to change. If you are open to the hypnotherapy process and willing to work with me, it’s possible for you to move forward and let go of your self-sabotaging behaviours.

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Hypnotherapy for Addiction

Hypnotherapy treatment for addiction

Curative Hypnotherapy for Addiction

In my private London hypnotherapy practice, I help people who feel stuck and powerless. More specifically, I help those who know their addiction is harming them and those they love, but feel incapable to change. I have over 15 years experience treating addiction, and from my psychology background I understand that your addiction in psychological. To help you find long-term freedom from all forms of addiction, we need to first tackle the underlying causes behind them.

Curative hypnotherapy is a unique hypnosis technique that focuses on identifying and then correcting the root cause of your addiction. There’s no magic wand or quick-fix, but by being open and receptive to the process, hypnotherapy can help you get your life back on track so you can thrive.

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