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Hypnosis for Blushing

I have been in private practice using hypnotherapy for blushing since 2003. My positive approach encourages you to let go of self consciousness and to increase your confidence and self worth. Imagine communicating with colleagues, friends and family feeling relaxed, in control and at ease. No inhibition. No fear or anticipation of blushing. Just a calm inner confidence. This is what hypnotherapy can achieve.

Hypnosis is not magic and there’s no quick-fix, but it can achieve life-changing results. Successful therapy requires some commitment on your part, but if you are open and receptive to change, we can work together to help you find relief from your blushing.

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Hypnosis for blushing

Treatment for blushing

Blushing Hypnotherapy

I help people who know their blushing is irrational, but feel powerless to control it. More specifically, I work with people who are not only affected when speaking to large groups of people, but also with those who blush when simply saying hello to the person at the supermarket checkout. Whatever your triggers may be, I can help you address the reasons why you blush irrationally.

Curative Hypnotherapy for Blushing

Curative hypnotherapy works differently to all other forms of hypnotherapy. Rather than temporarily suppressing your symptoms, the aim is to discover and then correct the cause behind your blushing. It’s like pulling up a weed from its roots rather than chopping it down; a problem can be eliminated for good without the chance of it growing back.

My goal is to encourage sustainable, long-term change. Whilst no treatment or therapy can ever guarantee results, I can guarantee that I will work with you professionally and skilfully to help you achieve your goals. I provide a safe and caring environment for you to explore your issues.

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