Fear of Flying Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy for Flying

Fear is a very important response when we’re in danger. But when that fear stops us from doing things that most people can do easily, then something needs changing. Hypnotherapy for flying helps you let go of your irrational fear so that you can get on and enjoy travelling.

I have been helping people overcome their fears and phobias in my private London practice since 2003. I understand how real and frightening your flying phobia is. But no matter how much you dread getting on an aeroplane, hypnosis can help you achieve freedom from your flying anxiety.

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Hypnotherapy for Flying
Overcome your fear of flying
Curative Hypnotherapy for Flying

Curative hypnotherapy is a unique form of hypnosis. This positive approach recognises that your fear of flying must come from somewhere. So rather than giving you techniques to suppress your worries, I want to fix what is causing them. My aim is for you to experience complete and permanent freedom from your phobia so that it can’t come back or manifest in some other way.

The sessions are enjoyable and wonderfully relaxing. I will help your subconscious correct the root cause of your irrational fear, so that you can approach flying with calm confidence. Imagine booking a flight and looking forward to your trip. No apprehension or anxiety, but rather a sense of excitement and enthusiasm. This is what you can achieve with curative hypnotherapy.

Whilst no hypnotherapist can offer a cast-iron guarantee, I can promise to work skilfully and professionally to help you overcome your fears. It requires some commitment from you and a desire to change, but with an average of 6-8 sessions, it is possible to find complete relief from you flying phobia.

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