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Hypnosis for Trichotillomania

Hello, my name is Susannah and I have over 15 years experience helping people overcome their hair pulling disorder. In my private London practice I have seen clients of all ages be liberated from this upsetting condition. Hypnotherapy for hair pulling can not only help you get rid of the irresistible urges to pull at your scalp, brows and lashes, but also the desire to bite and chew at your hair.

Hypnosis is a wonderfully powerful and enjoyable experience. It encourages you to regain control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours so that your hair pulling habit disappears completely. I can help you find more beneficial ways of dealing with your emotions, including tension, boredom and stress. With hypnotherapy you can be liberated from your condition so that you can get on with enjoying your life.

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Hypnotherapy for hair pulling

Effective treatment for trichotillomania

Curative Hypnotherapy for Hair Pulling

Rather than suppressing your overwhelming urge to pull at your hair, I want you to experience a long-lasting, sustainable change. With curative hypnotherapy, we will work together to help correct the root cause of your trichotillomania. Successful hypnotherapy shouldn’t just be a quick, short-term fix. Once your hair pulling habit has gone, we want to ensure that it won’t come back.

Imagine growing back your hair and feeling in control of your reactions. No more embarrassment or shame over your appearance, but rather a renewed sense of self confidence and esteem. Whilst no hypnotherapist can guarantee results, I can guarantee that I’ll work with you professionally and skilfully to help you achieve the best outcome.

If your hair pulling is making you miserable, get in touch 020 3700 4263

If your problem is making you unhappy, get in touch 020 3700 4263