Insomnia Hypnotherapy

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Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

Do you struggle with falling and / or staying asleep? I specialise in helping people feel happier and healthier, emotionally and mentally, so that sleep becomes easy and effortless. Hypnotherapy for insomnia should be relaxing, liberating and effective. I can help you become more in control of the way you react, think and feel about sleep.

Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

Insomnia Hypnotherapy Treatment

Sleep should be as natural as blinking and breathing, because it is essential to our wellbeing. Therefore, if your lack of good quality sleep is affecting your life, then something needs to be addressed. I help people who struggle with concentration, fatigue and irritability, and those whose insomnia affects their work and / or social life. Hypnotherapy can help you resolve these issues, so that you can get on and live your life.

Hypnotherapy itself is a wonderfully relaxing state when you feel lost in a day dream. During this state we can help reframe the way your subconscious reacts. Most hypnotherapists do this by using suggestion; instructing the subconscious to change. In contrast, curative hypnotherapy recognises that we must first fix what causes your insomnia, in order to encourage permanent, long-lasting results.

Curative Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

I graduated with a degree in Psychology before training as a curative hypnotherapist. I understand the psychological impact and causes of insomnia. Curative hypnotherapy aims to identify and then correct the unique reason/s why your subconscious sabotages your sleep. Once this root cause has been resolved, your insomnia can naturally and automatically disappear. This positive approach promotes sustainable, long-term change. We need to ensure the insomnia has been dealt with completely, so that it can’t come back.

No treatment can guarantee results, as therapy is a collaborative process. But I can guarantee to work professionally and skilfully to help you achieve your goals. I have been in private practice since 2003. My London based clinic is located in the City next to Liverpool Street station, EC2.

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Client Reviews

“My anxiety and worry was stopping me from sleeping and I was fed up with taking pills. To be honest, I felt like hypnosis was a bit of a last resort and I wasn’t convinced it would work. But I was struggling to balance work with looking after my son. It has been amazing! I sleep better than I ever have and I have so much more energy left when I get home from work. The best thing is that the anxiety has ceased. Thoroughly recommend Susannah and the curative hypnotherapy”.

Charlie W