OCD Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for OCD

I have been using hypnotherapy for OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) since 2003 and I understand how debilitating this condition can be. However, your obsessions and compulsions don’t have to define you. Imagine going through your day feeling at ease, confident and free. No anxiety, no fearful thoughts or rituals, just a liberating sense of safety and well being. This is what hypnotherapy can achieve.

Whilst hypnosis is not a magic cure, it can be miraculous. With some commitment to treatment and desire to change, we can work together to find a resolution.

OCD Hypnotherapy
Overcome your OCD

OCD hypnotherapy treatment

The traditional method of OCD hypnotherapy focuses on suppressing or managing the problem. This can provide effective relief from your symptoms but is often short-lived. The reason for this is simple: if there is a cause, there will always be an effect.

Why do you react to things more strongly than others?

We need to address the underlying cause of your OCD so that it can’t come back. Perhaps you know when your problem started, or maybe you even know what triggered it. Unfortunately, this knowledge doesn’t make the problem go away. Curative hypnotherapy can help us to look at the deeper causes of your irrational thoughts and impulses.

Curative hypnotherapy for OCD

I help people who are being controlled by their fears and rituals. More specifically, I work with people who struggle with contamination fears, or anxieties over their own or others’ safety. Some of my clients are being ruled by a need for perfection, whilst others are distressed by unpleasant thoughts or images. By fixing the root cause of these symptoms, we can help you get your life back on track.

Successful hypnotherapy occurs when the benefits are sustainable. If you’re open to the idea of hypnotherapy and ready to work with me, it’s possible to help you find complete freedom from your OCD.

If your OCD is stopping you from living your life, contact me