Public Speaking Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis for public speaking anxiety

I have over 15 years experience using hypnosis for public speaking anxiety and I understand how it can cause great stress for days, weeks or even months before delivering a speech or presentation. I help people who feel paralysed by their nerves. More specifically, I work with people who experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, an inability to articulate and shaking or blushing. However, it doesn’t need to be this way.

Imagine presenting to a large group of people and feeling clear-headed, focused and inspired. No self consciousness, no panic, just a sense of assured self confidence and determination. This is what public speaking anxiety hypnotherapy can achieve.

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Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking Nerves

Public speaking anxiety hypnotherapy

Would you like permanent relief from your public speaking nerves rather than a short-term fix? Whilst you can suppress and manage your anxiety with conventional methods of hypnotherapy, the benefits are often short lived. My positive, curative approach encourages sustainable, long-lasting change.

Why do you experience more anxiety than others?

Most people can feel a little nervous when doing something for the first time, but if your anxiety is affecting your performance, then something needs addressing. Adrenalin can be useful, but anxiety can be crippling. We need to understand what causes your public speaking anxiety.

Curative hypnotherapy for public speaking anxiety

Curative hypnotherapy recognises that for there to be an effect, there must also be a cause. Working at a deeper level, we can identify and correct what causes your symptoms. There’s no magic pill, just a simple, logical and effective treatment. It requires some commitment on your part, but by being open to change and working with me, hypnotherapy can help you become competent and confident in public speaking.

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