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Hypnotherapy for Stage Fright and Auditions

Are you an actor, dancer, singer, comedian, presenter or performer suffering with stage fright? Are you crippled by the anticipation of performing? Do you struggle to remember your lines or give your best performance during auditions? Is the high level of competition in your field causing you to lose faith in your abilities? No matter how disabled you are by the fear and anxiety, hypnotherapy can help.

Imagine being on stage full of confidence, enthusiasm and commitment. No self consciousness, no self doubt or fear of embarrassing yourself, but instead delivering a strong, self assured and impassioned performance. This is what hypnotherapy can help you to achieve.

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Hypnotherapy for Auditions and Stage Fright

Overcome Stage Fright with Curative Hypnotherapy

Successful hypnotherapy should be long-lasting 

Hypnosis is a positive way of changing the way we think, feel and react and this is most often achieved through subconscious persuasion. In contrast, curative hypnotherapy focuses on the root cause of your stage fright so that once it has gone, it won’t come back. The aim is to improve your confidence by resolving what causes your insecurities and fear. It works on a deeper level.¬†The sessions are relaxing and empowering. You relax deeply but remain in control at all times.

I have been specialising in curative hypnotherapy since 2003. If you are open to change and happy to work with me, it’s possible for you to find relief from your performance anxiety.

My private hypnotherapy practice is based in the City next to London’s Liverpool Street station.

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