Curative Hypnotherapy

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What is Curative Hypnotherapy?

Why does your problem exist?

Curative hypnotherapy focuses on sustainable, lifelong change. Whilst most hypnotherapists apply hypnosis in a positive way,  most achieve this by persuading the subconscious to react differently. In effect, they are overriding the issue not solving it.

In contrast, curative hypnotherapy understands that you and your problem are unique. Why does your problem exist? Why do you react differently to others? To be truly liberated from your issue, we need to ensure it can’t come back. So we must first resolve what’s causing it.

Curative hypnotherapy

Let’s use an example to help explain further. If you hurt your ankle, it would be important to understand what damage had been done. The doctor will also want to know when the accident took place, and maybe where. If their diagnosis is a broken ankle, then they can go about treating it. But what if a year later your ankle hadn’t healed? In this instance you would need to address why, because knowing ‘when’, ‘what’ and ‘where’ wasn’t enough to fix the damage.

Curative hypnotherapy works in the same. We look at why you haven’t dealt with, healed from or naturally let go of unhelpful feelings, behaviours or emotions.

By locating and, most importantly, correcting the reasons why a problem persists, the symptoms can disappear automatically without the need for future back-up sessions.


The treatment itself is relaxing, enjoyable and comfortable. Most importantly it will not cause you to relive any traumatic event or experience any emotions. With an average of approximately 6-8 sessions*, a problem which has been causing distress for many years can be effectively disposed of for good.

Important: No therapy can guarantee results as treatment is a collaborative process. I can, however, guarantee that I will work professionally and skilfully to help you achieve your goals. If at any point I feel that curative hypnotherapy is not the right fit, I will always let you know.

* treatment times vary for each person.

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