Acne cure possible through hypnosis

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39lLast month it was reported in the news that scientists are trying to harness a virus, called a phage, as a treatment for acne, since there is currently no known ‘cure’. However, hypnotherapy has already been helping sufferers find permanent relief through a unique hypnosis technique.

There has been explosive interest from acne sufferers since the BBC (and other media) ran this article on 25 September, and they are eagerly looking for new ways to cure their symptoms.  The fact is, acne cannot currently be cured through conventional methods; only managed and suppressed. I have seen the desperation for an effective treatment through my own success in treating acne and most of those I treat have been battling this condition for many years after many failed attempts at resolving it.

Hypnosis has largely been known for its help in quitting smoking and losing weight. However, few are aware of the major advances in its application over the years. Lesserian™ Curative hypnotherapy (LCH) distinguishes itself from other forms of hypnosis by working on the CAUSE of the problem rather than simply using suggestion to suppress the specific symptoms. Through a combination of hypnosis and logic, the treatment aims to resolve the subconscious reasons why the body creates acne, thus enabling the sufferer to be completely and permanently free from it. Whilst the cause is always unique to the individual, there is almost always a simple, logical way of resolving it. I initially brought this unique treatment to London over nine years ago and I’m still only one of a few people offering this treatment in the UK today.

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