Hypnosis helps reduce hot flushes by 75%

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It was reported this week that US scientists have discovered that hypnosis can help reduce menopausal flushes by up to 75%. Hot flushes can affect up to 80% of women going through the menopause. This controlled study, published in the Menopause Journal this month, found that after 12 weeks the women who underwent hypnosis reported 75% fewer hot flushes, compared to 13% fewer among the control group. The hypnotherapy participants also reported improved sleep and less interference with their lives.

Hypnosis has long been known as a successful technique in the treatment of addiction and weight loss, but few realise the major advancement in recent years and its effectiveness in treating physical symptoms, including hot flushes, migraines, IBS and eczema. Studies like this are important to highlighting the importance of this treatment as a natural alternative to medicine.

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