Cancer patients living longer after quitting smoking

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34lA recent study has concluded that lung cancer patients live almost a year longer when they quit smoking. The research focused on 250 lung cancer patients who were smokers and had either just given up or were offered help to quit. Those that stopped smoking shortly before or after their diagnosis, lived an average of 28 months. Those that continued to smoke lived an average of 18 months.

The study, which was reported in the July issue of the Journal of Thoracic Oncology, also showed that even patients with advanced lung cancer lived longer if they quit smoking. However, those that quit and then started again did not extend their life.

Having personally known sufferers of this terrible disease, it has been clear to me that extending life when you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness is not necessarily everyone’s priority, and certainly if the patient had attempted but failed to quit in the past, they may not feel they want to waste what little time they have left trying to overcome an addiction. Most of the clients I see, have failed to stop smoking numerous times before they sought help from a hypnotherapist. Hypnosis is rarely someone’s first choice, which is a shame as for the majority of people it works incredibly effectively and with little or no withdrawal symptoms.

This study indicates that stopping smoking can have a tremendous positive impact on your health from the moment you quit. It’s never too late to benefit from stopping. If you would like help or to discuss how hypnotherapy can enable you to become a non-smoker, please visit my dedicated quit smoking hypnosis site at